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Etcetera Assistant, LLC, provides part professional and social administrative assistance to clients for both short and long employment terms.  Clients range from small business owners to entrepreneurs, all whom need support because they don’t have the funds or time to hire a full time employee.
Ms. Nance is the driving force behind Etcetera Assistant, LLC. With over fifteen years of experience providing administrative and support to the hospitality, entertainment, and auto industries, Tiffany is ready to help you take your business to the next level. Tiffany is fully proficient in the entire Microsoft Office Suite of products, including Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word.  You can rest assure that your documents will be processed quickly and accurately - Tiffany types 65 wpm with 98% accuracy.
Tiffany's goal is to make your job and life easier. By delegating your routine or repetitive tasks to Etcetera Assistant, LLC you will have extra time to complete more important and time-sensitive tasks.
As your dedicated Virtual Assistant, Etcetera Assistant, LLC will provide you a wide range of support services to help you better manage your time - both at work and at home.
Etcetera Assistant (313) 473-7382
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