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Etcetera Assistant, LLC offers lifestyle management to both personal and business accounts.  As a lifestyle manager client you're offered one-on-one/face-to-face onsite assistance to help you cover daily home duties that range from transportation, prescription pick up/drop off, and notary to event planning, decorating, marketing, research and production assistance for onsite events (such as trade shows and concerts). Please look at the services tab for more information on each service that is offered.

Etcetera Assistant, LLC extends a helping hand and excellent assistance while delivering service with the highest integrity and upmost respect.

Our job is to make your life and job easier.  By delegating your routine duties to Etcetera Assistant, LLC you will have extra time to complete more important and time-sensitive tasks.

As your dedicated Personal Assistant, Etcetera Assistant, LLC will provide you a wide range of support services to help you better manage your time - both at work and at home.

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